Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and one of its 47 prefectures. It is located on the eastern side of the main island Honshū and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Tokyo is a huge metropolis spanning the city, mountains to the west and subtropical islands to the south. It is made up of central Tokyo, Old Tokyo, 23 central special wards, 26 more cities, five towns and eight villages.

The metropolis blends high-tech industries, many exciting tourist attractions and cultural heritage sights that have been preserved in a variety of forms including beautiful temples, nature reserves, and parks. On the agenda of most visitors are the temples of Asakusa, the gardens of the Imperial Palace (in Chiyoda) and the Meiji Shrine (明治神宮, in Harajuku).

There are many unique areas to visit such as as dazzling Shinjuku, youthful Shibuya and upmarket Ginza. Akihabara, Tokyo's Electric Town, is now also the unquestioned center of its otaku community, and the stores along Chuo-dori are packed to the rafters with anime (animation) and manga (comics). Another popular district for all things manga/anime is the Nakano ward and its Broadway Shopping arkade.

Things to See & Do

* Temples of Asakusa
* Imperial Palace
* Meiji Shrine
* Akihabara – Electric town
* Shopping in Ginza

General information

Cruise Season – Jan - Dec
Currency – Yen (JPY)
Language – Japanese
Population – 13,100,000 approx
Land Area – 2,187.08 km2
Electricity – 2 perpendicular flat pins USA style or with a round pin below
Time - GMT plus hours nine hours
International Country Telephone Code – 81

Port Location – The Harumi terminal is used by cruise liners and is best accessible from Tokyo station Marunouchi South Exit. It has easy access to many of Tokyo’s sightseeing spots.

Travel Links – Tokyo has two large airports: Narita for international flights, and Haneda for (mostly) domestic flights. Narita airport is located 70 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

There is a frequent intercity Shinkansen service to and from Tokyo Station (東京駅 Tōkyō-eki) in Chiyoda, from where you can easily connect pretty much anywhere in the city on the JR Yamanote or Metro Marunouchi lines.

Tokyo also has domestic ferry services to other points in Japan. However, none of the regular international ferries to Japan call at Tokyo. The main long-distance ferry terminal is Ariake Ferry Terminal located on an artificial island adjacent to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. The nearest station is Kokusai-Tenjijo-Seimon on the Yurikamome line.

Port Overview

Cruise Date Nights
Voyager, Best of Japan ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2020-08-02 7
Muse, Voyage 200924016 ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2020-09-24 16
Muse, ex Tokyo to Shanghai 2020-09-24 12
QE, Japan Circumnavigation Q028 ex Tokyo Return 2020-09-28 9
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q028A ex Tokyo Return 2020-09-28 18
QE, Hokkaido & Russia Q029 ex Tokyo Return 2020-10-07 9
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q029A ex Tokyo Return 2020-10-07 18
QE, Southern Japan Q030 ex Tokyo Return 2020-10-16 9
QE, Cruise Q030A ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2020-10-16 16
QE, Cruise Q030B ex Tokyo to Singapore 2020-10-16 23
QE, Cruise Q030C ex Tokyo to Brisbane 2020-10-16 36
QE, Cruise Q030D ex Tokyo to Sydney 2020-10-16 38
Bellissima, Japan & Korea ex Tokyo to Yokohama 2020-10-17 9
QE, Cruise Q031C ex Tokyo to Sydney 2020-10-25 29
QE, Cruise Q031D ex Tokyo to Melbourne 2020-10-25 31
QE, Cruise Q031B ex Tokyo to Brisbane 2020-10-25 27
QE, Cruise Q031A ex Tokyo to Singapore 2020-10-25 14
QE, Cruise Q031 ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2020-10-25 7
Regatta, Cathedrals to Koalas ex Tokyo to Sydney 2020-10-26 36
Regatta, Peaks to Pagodas ex Tokyo to Singapore 2020-10-26 16
Boudicca, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong & Singapore ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-01-14 26
Boudicca, Authentic Japan ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2021-01-14 14
Serenity, Kingdoms of Jade & Pearls ex Tokyo to Shanghai 2021-03-13 12
Whisper, Asia Cruise ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-03-21 18
Nautica, Japan in Bloom ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2021-04-01 10
Muse, Voyage 210405014 ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-05 14
Quantum, Japan Explorer Cruise ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-05 10
Explorer, Mount Fuji to Hubbard Glacier ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-04-06 33
Explorer, Temples Towers & Castles ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-06 14
Star Breeze, Grand Japan ex Tokyo to Osaka 2021-04-09 10
Nautica, Japan in Bloom ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2021-04-11 10
Pursuit, Circle Japan Intensive Voyage ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2021-04-11 15
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q112A ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-14 18
QE, Southern Japan Q112 ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-14 9
Quantum, Japan Explorer ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-15 10
Muse, Voyage 210419014 ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-19 14
Explorer, North Pacific Sojourn ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-04-20 18
Nautica, Prismatic Japan ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2021-04-21 10
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q113A ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-23 16
QE, Japan Circumnavigation Q113 ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-23 9
Pursuit, Circle Japan Intensive Voyage ex Tokyo Return 2021-04-26 15
Star Breeze, Northern Japan Adventure ex Tokyo to Kyoto 2021-04-29 11
Nautica, Eastern Allure ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-05-01 18
Nautica, Opulent Empires ex Tokyo to Dubai 2021-05-01 36
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q114A ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-02 16
QE, Japan Golden Week Q114 ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-02 7
Muse, Voyage 210503018 ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-05-03 18
QE, Southern Islands Q115 ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-09 9
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q115A ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-09 16
Pursuit, Tokyo to Singapore Voyage ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-05-11 16
Endeavor, Japan's Island Immersive ex Tokyo to Osaka 2021-05-15 14
Pacific Princess, Mediterranean & Grand Asia ex Tokyo to Rome 2021-05-18 41
QE, Southern Japan Q116 ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-18 7
QE, Grand Japan Voyage Q116A ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-18 16
Pacific Princess, Mediterranean & Grand Asia ex Tokyo to Venice 2021-05-18 53
Pacific Princess, South East Asia & Japan ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-05-18 14
QE, Japan Circumnavigation Q117 ex Tokyo Return 2021-05-25 9
QE, Japan and Alaska Q117A ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-05-25 29
QE, Japan and Alaska Q117B ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-05-25 39
Star Breeze, Aleutians & North Pacific Crossing ex Tokyo to Seward 2021-05-30 14
Star Breeze, Alaska Crossing from Japan ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-05-30 25
QE, Japan and Alaska Q118N ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-06-03 20
QE, Japan and Alaska Q118A ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2021-06-03 30
Muse, ex Tokyo Return 2021-09-12 13
QE, Southern Japan Q127 ex Tokyo Return 2021-09-22 9
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q127A ex Tokyo Return 2021-09-22 18
Solstice, Best Of Japan Cruise ex Tokyo Return 2021-09-26 14
QE, Northern Japan Hokkaido & Russia Q128 ex Tokyo Return 2021-10-01 9
QE, Japan Grand Voyage Q128A ex Tokyo Return 2021-10-01 18
QE, Japan Circumnavigation Q129 ex Tokyo Return 2021-10-10 9
QE, Q129A ex Tokyo to Shanghai 2021-10-10 15
QE, Q129B ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2021-10-10 19
QE, Q129C ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-10-10 27
QE, Q129D ex Tokyo to Brisbane 2021-10-10 40
QE, Q129E ex Tokyo to Sydney 2021-10-10 42
Solstice, Japan, Hong Kong & Vietnam Cruise ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-10-10 14
Explorer, Ancient Shrines & Bright Skylines ex Tokyo Return 2021-10-11 12
QE, Q130D ex Tokyo to Sydney 2021-10-19 33
QE, Q130C ex Tokyo to Brisbane 2021-10-19 31
QE, Q130B ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-10-19 18
QE, Q130 ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2021-10-19 10
Explorer, Zen Gardens & Samurai Legends ex Tokyo Return 2021-10-23 10
Explorer, Journey to Japan ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2021-11-02 16
Explorer, Japanese Wonders & Local Flavours ex Tokyo to Singapore 2021-11-02 30
Explorer, Best of Japan ex Tokyo Return 2022-03-08 12
Solstice, Best Of Southern Japan Cruise ex Tokyo Return 2022-03-13 14
Insignia, World Cruise 2022 Sector ex Tokyo to Bangkok 2022-03-19 28
Insignia, World Cruise 2022 Sector ex Tokyo to Hong Kong 2022-03-19 16
Explorer, From Osaka to Saigon ex Tokyo to Singapore 2022-03-20 18
Explorer, Asian Sights & Arabian Knights ex Tokyo to Dubai 2022-03-20 36
Solstice, Best Of Japan Cruise ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2022-03-27 14
Solstice, Best Of Japan Cruise ex Tokyo Roundtrip 2022-04-10 14
Mariner, Volcanic Sights & Glacial Heights ex Tokyo to San Francisco 2022-04-15 20
Solstice, Japan & Bering Sea Transpacific ex Tokyo to Vancouver 2022-04-24 13

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